Journal Entry February 1, 2023

February 1, 2023

“Too much egocentricity and selfishness is showing in our world. Humans need to make a major shift of consciousness to stop harming ourselves and our planet.” Unknown


I think being conscious about our surroundings is a big part of CAS in general. I need to be more conscious about my community and how I can be a part of solutions. 

Through CAS one is more conscious about their community and surroundings. Spending time figuring out how to be a part of the community, how to help and beginning to be aware of the world instead of just yourself. Through my personal CAS project I will help the dance community and be aware of their needs. Being a listener to others struggles and ideas and centering your attention to the community helps take one’s attention of themselves,caring more for our surroundings and demonstrating open minded by showing us different perspectives.

The project I have chosen will also be serving me since it connects with dance,the sport I do everyday. Helping my dance studio will really help me as well since it grows the studio and as a dancer there it will help me grow as well. We are addressing the lack of art in our community and trying to show the importance, through this we will help people have the opportunity to dance and become a bigger part of our studio while demonstrating more of our art to the community.

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