Journal entry February 5, 2023

Me and Allison have used a lot of our social skills since our project revolves a lot around the social aspect of our community.  We used our social skills when getting involved with the community of our dance studio and being able to listen to them even if some of them aren’t people we usually interact with. Through this project we have been able to interact with new people and receive new and different points of view. Not only our studio but also the dance community we have that surrounds us when we talk to gaby and receive teachers from around the world bringing together the special aspect of dance. 

With our social skills also comes our communication since while socializing we have to really utilize our communication skills which are really important not only in this project but will be a skill we will use for the rest of our lives. Through communication comes a lot of solutions and we can see this in our other classes when having a question and communicating about it and finding solutions. As well as outside of schools with our family when there is a miscommunication or problem through our communication skills everything solves easier.

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