Journal Entry- Field Trip

We took a short field trip to Playa Grande to learn about the Leatherback Turtle Trust. While we were there we had to plant about 140-150 trees that would help keep the turtle species from extinction. Personally I love planting trees, I used to do it a lot since I was a little girl with my grandmother. She used to tell me that we always have to give something back to mother nature because she produces life, without her we would not be alive. Since then I had the initiative to plant trees with her, every time I planted a tree I thanked mother nature. When I was planting trees I made sure that it was done with love and not just for the sake of it. I planted about 12 trees together with my classmate and an exchange student who had the same mentality and motivation as I did. Thanks to her I learned that the world is constantly changing with climate change, and being able to plant over 100 trees together in one day really made a big difference for the planet. And not only for the planet, but for me it made a change of appreciation. I think that being able to reflect on my actions specially the moment when Kat asked me about a spanish song she could learn, I immediately thought about the lorax songs “let it grow” therefore I thought about an important quote of that movie which will forever be stuck in my head “A tree falls the way it leans, be careful which way you lean” - Dr. Seuss. This moment of reflection became so important to me because it made me realize that it's not always what I do, but how I do things and to be honest being able to plant a lot of trees makes me happy. I feel that all people in the world should be grateful to mother nature and therefore stop tearing it down, but real change starts with us.

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