Journal entry jan.26 2023

January, 26, 2023

Describe what you did this week to move your project forward.

This monday after our dance classes we went and talked to Gaby and we came up with our first task for our project. We will pick one of the walls from our studio to create a senior wall. By this we will commemorate the senior dancers so we can remember them after they leave the studio. We will use our creativity and self expression to create something valuable and important for our dance studio. We care about our studio, Elevate Movement Studio so we will take on challenges like this to show our love for the older dancers that have done a lot for us. With the help of Gaby and the rest of the Elevate community we will plan what the wall will look like and the important elements we should add. Our next step is to send a survey to the teens and the seniors to help us with decisions for the wall and ideas.


What are the challenges that you faced this past week when working on the project? 

This week we had a challenge when it came to effectively communicating with Gaby and getting more steps done. We’ve had a hard time initiating and working on our project since both us and Gaby are very busy. We need to show more commitment and communication for  bigger advancements in our project. We need to improve our balance with the dance schedule and school schedule to make sure we are putting in enough time for both.

How do they make you feel? How did you overcome them?

These challenges help us realize that we need to start taking more action and initiative for the development of our project, to overcome these challenges our main focus is communication, communication with our teacher, with our dance community and with each other. This will get our project moving and active.  By making the survey we will be able to hear from the dancers and be able to communicate. The plan is to have it done and sent by the start of next week. We will also make a schedule of priorities to help us, and a list of the materials for the wall.

What new skills did you learn while working on your project this week? Describe it/them? How can you use this skill in the future?

This week we learned more about our strengths as a team since we both work well together and spend a lot of time at the studio. With the help of Gaby we are learning to collaborate with others and engage in our community. We’ve also noticed areas we need to work on to achieve our project. With this project comes many challenges we will face and learn about which will build more skills in the process. Our project seeks to help artists in our community we are a part of and want to see grow. It’s important to value what surrounds us and help others around the community see it as well. All of these skills will help us in the future when we have to collaborate with others, work with ours and initiate projects with others.

What about these challenges excite you or scare you? How do you use that energy to move your project forward?

These challenges can be scary because it shows how important it is to overcome them to achieve our project, since we just started our challenges are not huge but we will face bigger challenges and overcoming them is very important not only to achieve the project but to create new skills. By overcoming these obstacles we will become more motivated to achieve our project.

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