Journal Entry- Motivational Theory

Why do you think this motivation theory is the best one to use to motivate you? 

I believe that the theory that motivates me the most is the hierarchy of needs which is Maslow’s theory. This theory motivates me the most because it helps me understand business stakeholders and the specific needs they want/need, such as basic needs, psychological needs or self-fulfillment  needs. This theory is not only used for organizations, it could be used for personal or daily motivation. I think that the reason why I like it most, because I can personally find different perspectives of my own needs and could use this theory to motivate myself as a student and person. 

Give examples of what has motivated you in the past to complete your CAS work. 

What has motivated me in the past to complete CAS projects is the ability to provide special needs to a family who is in extreme poverty. My motivation comes from Daisy, she is a strong mother who has been through very difficult things during her life and the ability in being able to feel empathy and imagine how hard it has been to survive, there is no better example for me than Daisy and her children. 


Something else that has motivated me are the challenges Geya and myself have been through during our CAS experience, I believe they have encouraged us to be more communicative. Our relationship has improved because of the communication we have. 


Something that has also motivated me the most, is having Alex Zepeda as a guide and support through our CAS experience. She makes us feel secure, prestiged and with her we apply esteem needs such as gaining a feeling of accomplishment. We did not get this feeling when we had someone else as our mentor, I felt like our ideas were not taking into consideration. With Alex everything is different, she believes in our potential, she includes our ideas into new creative ideas and guides us to always be the best versions of ourselves. I think working with her and having Ms. Amy’s support has been the greatest achievement I’ve had during my CAS experience. 

How can your teachers use this motivation theory to motivate you? Give specific examples.

I think a good way teachers could use this motivation theory to motivate me is by having a more “belongingness and love need” where I’m able to have a relationship with my teacher, where I can talk to someone I trust in order to apply new solutions in my life to all my problems. Teachers could make me feel like I have safety. That I could feel safe with someone. I normally do trust most of my teachers, and I’m not so afraid to talk to them about something. I feel like psychological needs would fit in the most for teachers to motivate me. I normally struggle with believing in myself and believing in my abilities, of course, I shouldn’t need someone to remind me of it because I should be the one motivating myself to believe in my abilities. However I’m too afraid of failure and disappointing people around me. I’m trying my best to improve my mentality, reminding myself everyday to live day by day, to enjoy what I have and be grateful for my opportunities. I would like for teachers to incentive me to full potential and my creative ideas that should be expressed more in class. 

How can you use this theory to create motivation for your CAS project?

This theory applies to my CAS project because Geyra and I are providing basic needs for the family such as food and any donations with Alex’s help. We want to use this theory to keep proving help with basic needs, however we want the family to feel safe with us, we want to show belonging and love, we have helped Daisy to feel like she can trust us, we want her to feel like she has accomplished many things with love and effort, we want to motivate her to keep fighting for her family and to never give up because better things will come to her life. We want her to feel like she has full potential and with this new job we want her to feel like she can be happy.
Daisy is the kindest, humble human I’ve ever met and I am sure all she wants for her family is to be happy, she doesn’t care about money, she cares about kindness and gratitude. She motivates me to appreciate my life and care less about what other people think of me and care more about what I think of myself. 


In order to motivate others to be part of the change, we have to be motivated first that our kindness and empathy can change someones life. And I have. And I will be changing her life, the same way she changed mine. 

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