Journal Entry- Perseverance and Commitment

Through the last 18 months, I have been taking classes in Good Vibes with violin. This instrument is very hard to play compared to the other instruments. Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to receive a scholarship in order to make my dream come true. 

Ever since I was little, my interest for music, especially the violin, has been constant. I had always wanted to play the violin and once I got the opportunity to buy it from my own source (because I worked) I made this dream a reality. 


The perseverance and commitment I put into learning is very important, every little mistake I make is an important step for me because it helps me understand how well I motivate myself to keep going. 


This instrument is very hard to play, the position for holding the violin is key for the sound to sound good. There was a time where I would be too hard on myself because I wanted to learn quickly. However, I’m still a beginner and there are some things that I need to improve. 

After I have learned enough I will work again in order to buy myself a viola, which is similar to the violin but the sound is thicker and more like a bass sound. I know one day I will become a professional violinist who never stopped believing in her capacity. 


A little reflection about this instrument is that it makes me connect with myself, it sounds weird but in reality it helps me heal emotionally. This is done through every sound that is made through the chords, my hearing capacity sends signals to my brain indicating that this hobby provides more serotonin and turns it into happiness. 


Moving on to my overall purpose in relation to CAS, this year I had the opportunity to sponsor three little children with small christmas presents. I had never done this before, in fact I was always the one receiving gifts for christmas when I was part of Cepia. This was when I was around 6-8 years old. I would always receive presents during the month and it would make me very happy because my parents could not afford to buy small gifts for me. I never blamed them, I knew one day I would be doing the same thing others did for me when I was little. Which is giving back to people. This year was my opportunity to do so. I loved the experience, it puts you into such a vulnerable state but provides you happiness to make little children smile. 

I knew that what I felt those days was happiness and now I’m even happier. I gifted little presents for christmas. My favorite part is buying the actual gifts and wrapping them around in Christmas papers.  


This connects to my CAS project because it brings my own initiatives that come straight from the heart. I probably don’t have all the money in the world. But from the little I have, the more I give.  I don’t offer rejection and much less sadness, but I offer empathy, smiles and affection for those who need it more than I do. I think that’s more tractable because of my personality, my biggest strength of connecting emotionally with others is what makes me different from others. This has been fostered by the people around me, who teach me to be a better person every day. Who teaches me values, who teaches me how to love in this world of selflessness. 


I hope that with my kindness, I can inspire others to do the same.


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