Journal Entry- Planning and Initiating

What are the goals of your project? Our main goal is to help families/people that dont have the economical resources and are living in poor/low conditions. 

Another goal is that we want to inspire others to always help people who need it. We want to create a change in their lives as well as our lives. 

What are the milestones that you will need to meet to obtain those goals? One of our most important milestones is to help families in Nicaragua. We can create a small campaign to collect money to help the elderly in need. We started by identify a family with the help of geyra’s contacts in nicaragua, who very kindly received money to buy basic baskets and deliver them to an elderly couple who are in very low circumstances. 

This helps us to diversify our project, gives us exposure in other countries and recognition for what we do. With the help of the geyra’s contact we will be able to identify more elderly people in need and make many fundraisers to help them.

How will you know that you have succeeded? We believe that success is not made by what we do as much as how we do it. Our success for our CAS project is defined by being able to make small acts with big changes. Our success is determined by our intentions. It doesn’t have to be something big to make a difference.  

Our success are mostly caused by our expectations, sometimes not everything goes as planned, we aim to make opportunities possible, to inspire others to help those who really need it.

What is needed this week to get you started? (marketing, meetings, emails, other communication, etc.) Something that is needed that could get us started is editing our last Kanban Chart. This has and will help us guide our goals and ideas, it will as well help with organization. The to do list in the Kanban chart lets us  know when we want to achieve our goals and expectations.

Something that we can do this week to get us started is thinking of fundraisers. We want to start of with a dressdown day but in order to do that we have to communicate and meet with Ms Kenia for permission. 

Our next fundraiser could possibly be involved in a bake sale or selling empanadas, even doing some movie nights. 

We could do some marketing of our project and ask families of la paz for supportive donations to people who need it. 


Brainstorming to include other projects in our CAS experience:

  • Beach cleanups → includes in placing some nets in places on the beaches so that people can throw their garbage away instead of leaving it there. 
  • Tree planting in dry areas. 


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