Journal Entry Process

PROGRESS. Progress is something we’ve been trying to work on lately. We are continuing to plan a way to fundraise more money to get Daisy a stable place to live. With Alex Zepeda’s help she thought of such a great idea to get the money. Which involves letting people pay a certain amount depending on the division and sections of the house. This includes a drawing of specific sections of the house for people to buy or donate. This journey is getting complicated because of the little amount of time we have. This makes me think of how we can continue to help this family with basic needs, even more when there’s more people living in a small place. However, we will go out to places in tamarindo, meaning going to businesses who would like to donate money for charity. 

I had the idea to make a stand in a different location in Tamarindo because there are so many tourists who come down to Tamarindo lately. I talked with Geyra about the idea of printing images of Daisy and her family, putting these pictures within the stand and asking people who pass by to donate. 

Additionally the reason why I believe so much in this project is because of my own personal experience. While I was in San Jose eating lunch at the subway, there was this kid around 5 years old who asked for food. My heart felt vulnerable so I felt the need to buy him something to eat. My take away from this, it’s his little smile at the end. That’s why this project is so important to me that I will continue to do whatever it takes to make Daisy’s dream come true. 

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