Journal Entry (Team Trees) #23

During the field trip to Playa Grande, I used my own strength to plant a lot of trees. At the same time, I used my fiscal strength to dig holes not only for the trees I was planting but also for my classmate. I develop a lot of teamwork because planting trees requires a lot of parts that show to be more effective if you split the work. An area of growth can be seen as the distribution of breaks, this is by making my mind set up for larger hours of work and smaller breaks to get my body set up for more work and productivity. Challenges have been found like the experience of some classmates at the time of using different tools that they weren't used to. This leads to the risk of them harming themself and other people. This also led to a decrease in productivity because they were using the tool in the correct way. The way I overcame that challenge was by using my own knowledge to teach them in a way that they understand to use the tool in the best and safest way possible in order to complete that work as a team. I develop the skills of leadership and teamwork because showing other people how to do stuff made me feel more responsible and made me act more like a leader. During the field trip, I showed perseverance by always doing something. This led me to not take a lot of breaks and it made me stay consistent because it led me to keep planting trees. At the same time, it made me a hard worker. Lastly, I show engagement with the global issue because problems like global warming and the increase in contamination are leading the world to need help from us. I was a young adult and am responsible to take action and help to make the world a better place. This is an engagement by taking your time and energy to go and plant some trees in order for a change in the environment on a local level.

Created By: Jose Moreno, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Costa De Oro

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