March 14, 2023

This week me and Allison have been very busy due to the dance show coming up. We have been communicating with Gaby to help her organize the show. The main point of the dance show is to bring other artists and dancers from around our area together to demonstrate to the rest of the community what we do and why it matters. We have had some complications since Gaby is very busy, we were able to overcome some of the communicating issues by emailing her and also talking to her in person, through the emails me and alli have found out more about the show and we were able to make the dance schedules for our own studio and the order we will present in the show. It was very hard to make the order work for everyone but I think we figured it out. Our next steps are the musicality part and getting all the music in order and ready. It makes me feel good to be able to organize something that means a lot to us and watch it develop while bringing the community together. We will focus on the marketing section this week and making sure the community hears about the event to really try and get others involved.

Outside of this project and school I have been volunteering with cavallini and helping them with their dog rescues and adoption center. I go and walk the dogs, feed them and take care of them. It’s just a couple hours where I can help the animals that need love. This means a lot to me since I love animals and since I can’t adopt them all, at least I can help them in some sort of way.


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