march 21, 2023

At the beginning of the project we had a completely different idea of the project and what we wanted to achieve. We went through some difficulties with trying to build a stage. We struggled with the amount of money, and the overall support of the school. Mid trimester we decided to change it to a different project still focusing on the art of our community and how we could embrace it more.

We started with creating a survey for the dancers in our dance studio to understand and be able to see what they wanted differently in the studio and how we perform art in general.

After this we had the idea to bring the community together to share our art and demonstrate to the community how important it is.  Through this we created a dance show where different dance studios from our area can come and also perform. 

We need to focus on communicating better since it is hard to communicate with our dance teacher because of her busy schedule which made it hard to be able to organize the performance since we had trouble really understanding how it was going to go.

Since the show was an idea that came so quickly and we had no time to prepare we had to be quick and determined. I think we both demonstrated that by getting all the schedules of the dances organized and getting it all designed on time.

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