march7, 2023

This week me and Allison focused on the upcoming dance show at the end of this month. We’ve had meetings and emails sent out as well as working on the ad that the dance studio will send out.  We used our creative sides in creating and thinking about how we want to project this show for all studios around the area to come and support. The show is all about the appreciation of art, we have studios coming from San Jose and around the area. We spent the week talking to Gaby and reaching out to all the studios to make sure we could count with them on coming.

The 2 stakeholders we have currently are the studios from the area we have to entertain and be able to fully grab their attention to be able to come and support the art by performing. This means we have to work extra hard on the fliers to excite people and artists. Our next steps are sending out the ads and fliers and see what studios are coming to prepare and organize their music and the order the show will go in. Through these actions we have had to communicate with people we don’t usually talk to which taught us a lot about communication skills between cultures and our area. We have to work on organization and being more balanced so we figure out enough time to get everything we have coming up on time and done correctly.


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