May 23, 2023



Research skills

Self Management (executive function skills, mindfulness, self-motivation)

Lately me and Allison have been using our research skills to build the wall, researching for good places to buy our materials, where would be the best place to print the photos and who would be the best person to attach the metal tubes that go in the back. We have talked to Gaby and contacted many organizations asking if they are available. We’ve Used our free time to be able to figure all this out and managed ourselves pretty effectively towards our research. Our main challenge is figuring out a good date to get all this done. We need to get the wall painted with help from the other dancers, when can the tubes be attached, when can we get the photos printed and added on. How are we gonna pay for all this? Should we do a dress down day and get money? Or will it not be enough. We processed this and figured out talking to Gaby would be the best idea. We already have paint at the studio we could use to save some of that money, we could do some fundraisers like dress down days to help us and talk to Miss Amy if any CAS money is available to help our project with the rest. The dance show is coming soon and we are helping Gaby organize the schedule like we did with the last dance show. We also need to figure out a good time to communicate with her about the classes we want to give to the community for free to expand the art of dance to others who don’t have the possibility to attend dance classes but would love to receive a class.


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