may 30,2023

Why is creativity considered higher order thinking and why do you think that it is necessary to practice creativity?

Creativity is considered higher order thinking because it involves an advanced level of mental processing. Being a highschool student we collect a lot of stress which can kill our creativity, it is important that we practice creativity since it;s essential to solving problems more openly and with innovation. Having CAS as a class in highschool helps me practice my creativity once a week keeping me open minded and stress free.

How have you used creativity in your project? Explain and add evidence.

My project revolves a lot around creativity since I would say me and Allison are very creative people. We are designing a wall which brings a lot of creativity by putting all our focus in the design of it. Also by designing the show and studio activities posters 


What practices can you use from the article to increase creativity? 

New practices me and Allison can do to increase our creativity can be to “seek out challenging tasks” We can do this by taking more difficult out of our comfort box tasks even if we can’t find a solution we can try so it can increase our creativity of being more open minded and being more challenged.

How does creativity relate to TOK?

Creativity relates to TOK through the fact that creativity can bring evidence to tok as well as tok can examine knowledge and justification through creativity.

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