Meeting With Tati

This week, I scheduled and met with Tatiana, the woman in charge of the scholarship program at La Paz. Despite having to reschedule on her part, the communication with her was effortless and went smoothly. We conversed about integrating scholarship students from La Paz into the Flamingo Basketball Clinic.  She gave me multiple suggestions about the general operations of the program. She recommended that I have an adult present the entire time to supervise and ensure the safety of the kids. Not only that, but she as well shared her concerns with me about transportation. She brought to light that the scholarship kids may have issues with getting to the court and getting back due to the fact that they take the bus after school.  I hadn’t considered these obstacles and present a challenge that I have to fix. Firstly, I considered that having some parents stay could be an option to fix the problem of having adult supervision and safety. This made me think of the larger issue of safety for the children. I was thinking of using the funds from the students to purchase a first-aid kit in case of an emergency to ensure the safety of the children. In regard to transportation, offered that my father could drive them if they live between Potrero and Brasilito, but that may be a temporary solution and something that I need to consider in the future as this disregards the students that live outside the listed areas. I believe a more permanent option could be to operate a carpool situation with the students that are already coming. If a student is already coming from Tamarindo, I strongly believe the parents would be more than willing to take the scholarship student home if it isn’t out of the way. In conclusion, the meeting with Tatiana was very successful as she gave me many suggestions on the potential obstacles that could occur as I implement more scholarship kids into the program. I believe that as these problems get fixed, scholarship students would be more inclined to join the program.

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