Mentor Journal entry

What is your objective of the project? Do you need to explain what a CAS project is? My objective is to promote individualism of different art forms through the Coffee House. I feel my mentor will benefit and fall in line with my objective because he, Jose Verga, is the music teacher. He will be able to help me grow and see past any technical challenges I may have for the Coffee House due to his expertise. I do believe I need to explain what a CAS project is to my foreseeable mentor because he is relatively new to the La Paz staff and I’m not sure if he’s been a mentor for CAS before. How are you going to communicate with them? Email, interview, whatsapp? I have communicated with him via Email. This has been a challenge for me due to a variety of different struggles. There may be a language barrier between the two of us which could stifle collaboration throughout the project. We as well have never met before so it was intimidating to reach out and request his help. What are you planning on asking them? What are the expectations? I’m planning on asking him if he would be willing to be my mentor for my CAS project. This would entail meetings every other week and his help with setting up technical aspects of Coffee House. He as well would help me get participants seeing as how we could potentially work collaboratively with his music students to do some sort of performance.

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