Mentor Journal Entry

Journal Entry 3 (mentors) The objective of our CAS project was already explained with both of our mentors. It was personally explained to Zelenia and it was explained through email to Tatiana, our new mentor. There’s no need to explain what a CAS project is because both of our mentors are part of La Paz Community School and are already familiar with it. We plan to communicate with them through whatsapp, we have known them for quite some time so whatsapp is fine to coordinate meetings. We already made sure to explain to them what the project is and asked them if they want to be part of it by being mentors, fortunately Zelenia and Tatiana agreed. The next steps are to communicate what our expectations are such as recognition, encouragement, facilitation and will push us to go further and help us be proactive. The reason why we chose Tatiana and Zelenia as our mentors is because they have knowledge in the issue, they have the time to help with our project, they have interest and desire to help, and frequent communication is not a problem. There is trust in the relationship between our mentors so it makes them good mentors. Monday we will be having a meeting to talk about our mentors skills and why we want them to be part of our team.

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