Motivation JE

Maslow’s Motivation Theory


I think this motivation theory motivates me the most because it includes some steps I personally need to feel motivated such as the basic needs and psychological needs. 

What motivated me to keep assisting my swimming and lifeguarding classes in the past was remembering the reason why I started in the first place. This would help me realize how far I have come with my project and the good impact I would have on my community once I achieve my goal for this project. Another thing that motivated me was the feeling I would get after my classes with the CEPIA kids. Being productive with a project that is very connected to my personal life would make me feel proud of myself and this feeling had me looking forward to my next class all the time.

Teachers could use this motivation theory by making their students feel comfortable with them in school. An example of this could be making sure students feel safe and comfortable enough in class for them to participate as much as possible. They could also try to be their student’s supportive adults whenever they feel like they failed an exam or any assignment, especially when they feel like they didn’t try as hard as they could’ve even though they did.

I can use this theory to motivate myself for my CAS project by making sure I have at least the basic and psychological needs. These needs are all that I think I need to feel motivated to keep moving forward with any project in my life. Especially with a project like mine where I’m working with young kids and where I am involving myself with other people I need to feel safe, and trusted by others.

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