Motivation journal entry

I feel that it is ironic that this week's journal entry is about motivation because in the last few weeks I have had little motivation for my CAS project. I believe that identifying the reasons why we have lost motivation and creating a plan to gain that motivation again will be the best next step for our project. In our business class we are learning about motivational theories and out of all of them I believe Daniel Pink’s theory motivated me the most. Looking at it through his 3 key factors first autonomy; I work best when I am able to create my own plan for my project and I can work independently to let my own creativity of course will a little guidance by my mentors and my partners but most of the work will come from me; then mastery because this project is allowing me to work on my dancing and learn choreography skills and help other people discover a passion in dance; lastly purpose this is the social aspect of the project inspiring the performing arts sin our community. Then looking at it through my CAS project. I feel that in the past I have been especially motivated because the project was always based around something that I really loved to do and I have always been ok with sacrificing my Saturday mornings teaching, or my evenings choreographing. But now the project is taking a different direction and it's something that is still important and valuable for me but it requires my involvement in a different way and that is a way that I am not so passionate about. It is more meeting and planning and designing and I am most passionate about dancing and teaching and creating. As for my teachers being able to motivate me I feel that at this point we could use some guidance making a schedule and/or planning our next steps down to the day. To use this theory of motivation in my CAS project I need to find something in the new project that I am passionate about that will empower me to be self-sufficient and understand why I am doing this project.

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