Motivation Journal Entry #24

Why do you think this motivation theory is the best one to use to motivate you? The theory of motivation that best motivates me is Daniel Pink. This is because I consider that mastery is essential for what I do because getting better is a very important aspect not only for me as a soccer player but also for me as a person. Give examples of what has motivated you in the past to complete your CAS work. Some examples are the motivation to keep getting better and keep winning games and improving. This goes with the direct way of accomplishing new goals and challenges. An specific example of this is the process of getting new uniforms this because it was a challeng that I accepted and at the end it was totally worth it. How can your teachers use this motivation theory to motivate you? Give specific examples. My teachers can keep me motivated by giving me the right amount of trust and confident to keep growing and keep becoming not only a better team member but a better leader that can inspire others. How can you use this theory to create motivation for your CAS project? This theory can help me created motivation by showing me how important mastery is not only for you to learn and be good at something but in the way that you learned new things that quickly you turn them into something that will help you understand that something bigger than yourself will make the hard effort pay off.

Created By: Jose Moreno, Costa Rica

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