My question

Write down all 5 ideas for questions for your path.
Where does your food come from?
What is Sustainability?
How has food production changed?
What are the effect of food on the planet?
How can food be innovated to be more carbon friendly?
Then explain why these help encourage others to think about your specific issue and start to have a conversation about it.
These questions asked the viewer to think about where their food comes from, where they will answer simply the market, grocery store, etc. But this question goes way further than that it asked where does your food come from after the store? And many can’t answer that question because who knows what farm it was produced on or who produced it and hopefully this question gets you to start thinking about what went into producing said food. It also should make you think if there are possibilities to change the most basic area of production and make it more innovative and effective.
What was the final choice of question and why?
Where does your food come From?
Because it imcompeses a lot of questions in one and it’s very simple and broad allowing the viewer to take the question in all directions but it still makes the viewer think where is your product that you are eating really coming from?
Explain what you are anticipating the conversation to look like from this question and how will it help you move your project forward?
I want it to be a knowledgeable question bringing people to think about what they are buying and from who they are buying it from. Hopefully make them think if it’s fully sustainable and brings forth areas for thoughts and ideas to flow and allows the viewer to start learning and researching the effect of food and hopefully make some change to buy from group who produce more sustainable ways of producing food.

Created By: Lionel Scheidt, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Hydro Nature

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