New trimester goals and plans

This is my updated mission statement in both languages: 

Our mission is to facilitate dance opportunities and inspire future generations by collaborating and combining our strengths to create a positive change in our community. Nuestra misión es facilitar las oportunidades de la danza e inspirar a las futuras generaciones colaborando y uniendo para crear un cambio positivo en nuestra comunidad.

This mission statement is broad because we are facilitating dance opportunities in many different ways with several different projects related to dance. We worked with Elevate to help plan and choreograph for their December recital, we offered weekend classes for kids at Cepia and planned a summer camp where we taught them, and we choreographed (and are continuing to choreograph) competition solos for Elevate dancers. It’s realistic because I have always kept my CAS projects related to inspiring dance in the community and dance is something that I am passionate about so I will always be willing to work towards it. It’s short and easily understandable as well. 

2 SMART goal for the trimester 

To create an innovative and unique solo for Nadia for the new competition season by dedicating our time and meeting every week to teach and clean the solo so she is prepared for competition in December and May resulting in a high scoring solo, ideally in the top 10 that allows Nadia and I to gain new skills and experience as dancers 

To help a local theater company that needs dance choreographers and gaining more dance experience by choreograph the dances for The Beachnuts Theaters new  production Frozen, we will be dedicating our time from October 25- December 8 and then from January 8 to March 26 which is when they perform and attend practices with them once – twice a week during the months we dedicate to it, hopefully the production will gain a wide audience and our choreography will be shared.

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