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We have recently been reminded that for our CAS project we need to give it weekly love and attention to let it flourish; we need to give it thought and innovation to to differentiate it and make it noticeable; we need to communicate with others about the project and create a community; and we need to work hard and gather momentum. In this journal entry I will be evaluating these traits in our project and writing a small update on our progress for the week. We all work at least one hour a week on our project whether it's giving classes to the Cepia kids or teaching the juniors solos to writing journal entries and brainstorming next steps for our project. This project is different from the other projects because it is something that has never been done in the La Paz CAS class and it is something that is personal to the three of us as dance is our passion. And to execute our project successfully communication is key we need to constantly keep the stakeholders of our project informed and satisfied. Other than the ongoing project of the solos for the juniors we have been conducting a feasibility study to see if the stage project is something that we should do for our CAS project. We have defined exactly what we would want to do for the project and how much we would need the school administration to help us with. We have also set up a meeting to discuss the project. A challenge that we will have to face is that Alexa one of our teammates, Alexa, is sick and won't be able to attend the meeting personally. We may set up a zoom so she could meet virtually with us and still be a part of the meeting or we will just inform her before and after about the plans that we have discussed for the project. We are rapidly moving along with our project and hope to have the last thing that we will do for CAS defined soon.

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