Next Steps Journal Entry!

Now how is it going? 

It requires weekly love and attention from you to grow and flourish.  It requires thought and innovation to differentiate it and make it noticeable. It requires you to communicate with others about the project to create a community. It requires hard work and energy to gather momentum.

How are you going to fulfill all the above needs of your project?

Geyra and I are very happy to see that the family that we supported have reached happiness and stability. Fabiola and her son now have a beautiful home and she has a job. In the past we wanted to work with CEPIA but there were obstacles that prevented us from working directly with families, since there was a privacy code and sincerely in my opinion I think that it was quite hard for the women incharge to trust us, since we are not adults yet. With Miss Amy’s help we are going to make it possible! We will help CEPIA families with the support of Alex Zepeda. We have already communicated with her and she is happy to help, she has been working with a family already! I’m very excited to work together, Alex is a very kind and beautiful person. Since we are giving CEPIA a second try, we have multiple ideas such as supporting and working with the teenage group. With Miss Amy’s help we emailed Laetitia, who is very supportive and has successfully provide special needs for children and families in CEPIA. The way we would like to innovate is by breaking down the barriers teenagers our age might feel. As a scholarship student in a private school, teenagers my age who don’t have the same opportunity as me, tend to avoid us or even don’t like us because they think we feel superior. We would love to let them know that is not true, that we care for them. 

We would love to include them in our social circle and make them feel welcomed. Most importantly we want to let them know that they are important and that a social economical status does not define someone. We want to help these families in order to bring back values and a sense of gratitude. As we received an email from Alex, she stated that the family we would help is needing a lot of help because their ceiling has several holes, therefore all their things got wet such as bed, sofas, clothes. Most of their houses are flooded. How we will help is by making a fundraiser to fix their ceiling in order to prevent more flooding. We will also communicate with Alex Zepeda to decide in which areas we can be useful. This project will help us keep pushing our goals and believing in our objectives which is to make small acts of kindness by doing big changes in our community. 

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