Next Steps Journal Entry

For the past 2 months, I have faced some difficulties with my CAS project. Connect Ocean decided to cancel the swimming/ lifeguard program for the CEPIA kids because CEPIA didn’t have the money to pay for transportation for them every Saturday. Since these classes were canceled, I haven’t been able to continue counting the hours I need in order to complete the course. During the time I wasn’t working with Connect Ocean, I tried to keep in touch with my instructor to be updated on any changes in the swimming classes for the CEPIA kids or to find a different alternative to continue counting hours. However, communication didn’t always work between him and me, which made it challenging to come up with a new plan to keep my CAS project moving forward.  During the time my CAS project was on pause, I decided to start a new CAS project with my classmate Kenya. Our project is to have a prom dance at our school for the next school year to celebrate our last year at La Paz and to finally bring all the fun and enthusiasm from a big event such as a prom to our school. Currently, Connect Ocean is still not working with CEPIA, luckily I was able to find a helping hand from my swimming coach Leo Almanza. Leo has the certificate to teach others to become swimming instructors. For the rest of my CAS project, I will be working with him to get my WSI certificate as well as maybe starting a different course to expand my knowledge about being a swimming instructor. During these past couple of months, I wasn’t as productive as I could have been, but at the end, I was able to find a way to overcome my challenges in this project to keep moving forward, and also I got to start a new project which helped me to stay motivated during every CAS period we had.

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