Participation for CAS/anchor night

On September 21 the 12th grade CAS class is going to host our school's CAS/Anchor project night. This will give us a chance to prompt our projects, raise money, along with gaining community support. The job that I was assigned to plan the event is communicating and organizing the anchor projects for the event. This is the first time that the anchor projects will be participating in the CAS night so planning exactly how to involve them is a challenge. I am working collaboratively with Kassie, a classmate of mine, and Profe Alberto, the anchor project teacher. This is helpful because Profe Alberto shares the information needed for each anchor project and Kassie is more fluent in Spanish than I am so it assures that our communication with the teachers is fully bilingual. So far we have discussed how we are going to involve the anchor teachers and written an email to inform them on how they should participate. Some of the biggest challenges that we have faced so far are communication issues with our classmates and CAS teacher as well as with the anchor teachers. The lack of communication with the classmates led us to planning our part of the event without the important detail that not every anchor project in the school was allowed to participate and that we should choose 5 or 6 of the most developed projects to showcase at the event. This a barrier that we have to go over because we have already sent an email to all of the anchor teachers telling t5hem they have to participate and make a booth for the open house in the event. We are trying to correct these issues but none of the anchor teachers with the exception of one has answered our email. Moving forward we will have to find a way to properly communicate with them and inform them about the change of only some anchor projects participating without causing confusion. 

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