Path Journal Entry

Write down all 5 ideas for questions for your path. 

What are your favorite type of events

What’s your favorite place to go on the weekend

How can you be a leader

How can you create a change

What are your favorite hobbies


Then explain why these help encourage others to think about your specific issue and start to have a conversation about it.

These 5 ideas are all very different which allow the viewers to understand the different perspectives the youth center offers and it also allows the viewer to think. For question number 1, the viewer can think about their personal preferences allowing connections to be made between the viewer and the question, this is similar to the second question which also creates a personal connection. For question number 3, the question could cause an impact on the viewer because it raises awareness about what the youth center is while asking the viewers how they can be a leader in their communities. Question number 4 also has an impactful effect because creating a change isn’t always easy, so when the viewer reads that they might think to themselves, maybe I can find a way to create a positive change even if it’s a little one. The last question goes back to personality and what the viewers preferences are, so it once again allows them to connect themselves to the question.


What was the final choice of question and why?

The question I thought suited the youth center best was “How can you create a change”, because while it isn’t too specific it allows a general understanding of positive change to be made for the viewer which will allow them to think about all the ways they can create a change in their lives. While the youth center promotes community and unity, a part of it comes with change, because before the youth center existed, the teenagers of our community never really had one place to go where they could meet new faces, or reunite with friends. That’s why when we promote change we want to encourage people to realize how one action can create a big impact even if it’s a small change


Explain what you are anticipating the conversation to look like from this question and how will it help you move your project forward?

I think that once people see this question they will think to themselves how important it is to ask that question to a general audience, even if it won;t impact everyone who sees it. The percentage of people that will affect will most likely fall into place and create a change. I believe this will help us move forward in our project because new questions will arise from the change we’ve already made, and we will encourage people to find ways and come up with ideas that are worth creating a change for. Additionally in the near future we could team up with campaigns that do create change and show our community what the youth center stands up for.


Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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