I have shown commitment and perseverance throughout all of my projects. Since they are all dance related it required me to consistently attend the practices that I was teaching. Each one of the projects required planning at the beginning where we decided a schedule for practice. Then for the majority of the project all I had to do was choreograph the dance and show up. It was crucial that we showed perseverance because we were working towards a specific goal whether it was an end of year dance show, competition, a final summer camp, or the presentation of the play production. A week missed ment a week less of learning or cleaning which would affect the overall performance. At times it was hard to want to attend practices weekly if I had a lot going on that week and I was not prepared but nevertheless I showed up to the practices because I knew what was at stake. I also knew that at the end of the practices that I attended I would be glad that I went because I got to advance on the project and work collaboratively which is one of my strengths. Perseverance and commitment is one of the most important elements to a project because it is what keeps it in motion and gives me the ability to make a change in the community.

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