Planning and Initiating

What are the goals of your project?

My main goal for this project is to get my water safety instructor certificate to become an official swimming instructor and teach swimming classes to the kids from CEPIA. This will help them to know how to stay safe in the water and they won’t be part of the percentage of people who grow up not knowing how to swim.


What are the milestones that you will need to meet to obtain those goals?

Some milestones that I may come across are losing the motivation to wake up early on Saturdays to attend the lifeguarding classes. I’ll probably have to deal with stubborn kids who don’t want to follow rules during one of my “test” swimming classes. During this rainy season, classes may have to be canceled depending on the weather conditions.


How will you know that you have succeeded?

I will know I have succeeded in my project once I get my swimming instructor certificate and when I know how to teach a whole swimming class on my own.


What is needed this week to get you started? (marketing, meetings, emails, other communication, etc.)

What I will need this week is communication. More specifically I will need to communicate with my instructor to know what Connect Ocean’s plan with the CEPIA kids is for the next couple of months. This will help me to stay organized with my weekly schedule and it will help me know what i need to work on to keep moving forward with my project.


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