Planting trees

In the last week our school had some visitors from another IB school in Boston. While they were here we got the opportunity to plant trees from them with an organization called The Leatherback trust. Our goal was to plant 140 trees of different species (some of which were extinct) and by the end of our trip our goal was met and all of the trees were planted. This project is definitely related to the 6th learning outcome of CAS which is to demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance. All over the world humans are having a negative impact on nature through deforestation, inviting invasive species to areas and changing natural habitats for their own benefits. We set out to, even if just a little bit, bring back what the human society is destroying. We planted more trees to set off the ones that were being or have been taken down and we cut down invasive grass that was there. The trip does not go without difficulties though. I went to plant trees with everyone but I also just started having Covid symptoms so I was very sick while we were planting this meant that I did not get to plant as many trees as I would have wanted to myself.

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