This week I had two major events happening regarding CAS. I also had practice with Nadia for her solo. The first event was for a classmate's project. They planned a halloween event for the entire school. I participated in the event by running a game station. My game was sensory boxes where people would put their hand in a box and guess what was inside if they guessed right they would win candy. There were 4 boxes. There were challenges during the night. One of them was the paper used to cover the boxes. I used tissue paper and it kept ripping which revealed what was inside. To overcome it I had to add more paper when the object was too revealing and add more tape to the box throughout the night. My station also had a rush of people at one point in the night and I could not go fast enough. Thankfully another classmate of mine came in to help me with the station and we could get two people playing the game at a time with each of us in charge of two boxes. Overall the night was a huge success and I had several people complimenting me on the station because it was fun and interactive for all ages. The second big event was having the first practice for choreography for the beachnuts theater play. We worked with them on Sunday for an hour and taught them the coreo for the first dance. Because it was the first practice there are still teaching elements that we have to improve. Teaching both teanagers and younger kids is a challenge because they catch on to the choreography differently. This makes it difficult to make sure the younger kids know what they are doing without boring the older ones. In the future we could create two groups for teaching or even have the older kids assist us in helping the younger ones. The other challenge is that they all aren't that enthusiastic about dancing yet. All of the kids that we are taching don't dance regularly and therefore have a harder time with the movement. We made the movement easy and they are already starting to catch on but they lack confidence. Hopefully they gain the confidence over the practices. We have to keep reminding them that they are doing a good job. We will show commitment to the project by attending practices with them every week.

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