Project and service

This vacation I was not able to work much on my CAS project since I went to Germany therefore I will talk shortly about what I accomplished before I left for vacation. I took cleaning and grooming very seriously before I left I cut every single plant down and around making sure that none of the plants touch each other anymore because this was part of the previous problem where the plants just became a huge bush and the leaves would fall and dry out on the tubes making it dirty. But unrelated to my CAS project I will talk about service. This vacation my grandma decided to do a really kind act by inviting her whole family to a three week vacation in China which was all the money she had. Going to China was a real experience and culture shock for me and the locals because they don’t see so many westerners going through their country, so every now and again we would have people walking up to us asking for pictures or they would “secretly” take picture of the whole group. Also what really struck me is that the locals do not care about personal space at all which makes sense when their smallest city holds 11million people and I don’t know if it is ignorance or failed education because something that gets drilled into our generation which is don’t litter, if you see trash pick it up and plastic destroys ecosystems. My sister like myself care deeply about what happens to our planet and we know the effect of plastic so we went around picking up plastic wherever we could, we knew the change that we were doing was minimalistic to nothing but we hoped that from the million people who saw us and walked past us one would think about it and maybe pick a piece of trash up themselves or tell others to do something and every now and then when we picked something up we would see (usually the really young kids) pick something up as well and throw it away with a smile on their face.

Created By: Lionel Scheidt, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Hydro Nature

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