Project Progress

Who benefited from my activity and how? For the solo that I am creating and teaching to the junior dancer Nadia for competition I believe that both her and me are benefiting from the activity. The dance studio Elevate is also benefiting. She is benefiting because the more experience she gets with learning, perfecting and performing dances the better she will be as a dancer. I am benefiting from the experience because I get to create a dance that is suitable for competition and I get to teach it which improves my leadership and creative skills. The dance studio is benefiting because I am offering a service that would normally be costly paying a teacher to make a solo for free.  If I felt overwhelmed, what did I do to overcome that feeling? 6 It is almost impossible not to feel overwhelmed when starting a project that requires you to put in effort and stay committed. The act of being able to overcome that makes you a better project planner and teammate. I attend a practice with Nadia for her solo weekly and sometimes I don't find enough time in the week to go over her coreo or be ready to give her corrections in the next practice. To overcome this I stay calm. Sometimes I do it the night before quickly before I fall asleep and sometimes I have to trust myself to know what I am doing and be able to give her the corrections the day of.  How did I feel before I took on the new challenge?  The Beach Nuts theater production is an extremely new challenge for me. I have never created choreography for a theater production before and most of the kids aren't skilled in dance. Because of this I feel a little nervous about taking on the challenge. It's exciting because it's something new but at the same time I have to make it up as I go. There is also an aspect of collaboration that comes into play with a project like this. I have said this before but I am not the one in charge and it's difficult creating within the constraints of someone else's artistic vision. Despite this challenge I try my best to add my own creativity to the project and be open to making mistakes within the choreography to fix them.

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