Reach Humanity: Giving Hope, one refugee at a time.

Since March 2022, REACH Humanity has been able to provide help to the Ukrainian Refugees. Through generous donations of family, friends, and strangers; a framework of volunteers has been built and REACH Humanity has been able to provide help. Immediate & acute needs are being met in real time the Ukrainian refugees as they cross the border into Poland.
How REACH Humanity is currently helping the Ukrainian Refugees:
  • Transportation, suitcases, temporary housing, & supplies given to refugees day and night.
  • We’ve partnered with a suitcase vendor who is supplying suitcases to us in Krakow, Poland for immediate delivery to the refugees coming across the border
  • Long term needs are being met as we use our resources & network to help settle refugees across Europe.
  • We are providing aftercare support to refugees who return to Poland when their plans in other places have fallen through.
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