Rediscovering Roots in the Okavango Wilderness

These Red Velvet Mites or Rain Bugs are fascinating beings. They mainly live under the ground and feed on ants and termites. Early in life they have 6 legs (like an insect) but in the adult stage they have 8 legs so they are not an insect, but instead they are an arachnid (spider family). In Tebogo's culture it is considered a blessing to see them because they only emerge when the ground is soft and they only mate when they are above ground, which only happens when there is good rain. Good rain means LIFE for everyone. Tebogo is thriving living back in the wild, as he did in his youth before his family was relocated to a rural village by the government, . He calls this recapturing process "Finding my Roots".  He says "I'm studying, I'm studying and I'm learning the wilderness, I'm learning the Nature, I'm getting to know more and more of what I forgot and what I didn't know. Things come once in a year and each opportunity must be paid attention to.  

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