Service Journal Entry #27 (Summer)

An activity I realized for my community was playing soccer with my friends, locals, and the beach. Afterward, we cleaned our trash and the trash that was around us with the purpose of cleaning the beaches and the oceans because my project is important because the beach is a good environment to play soccer in.    How did you engage with an issue of global importance? I engage my project on a global issue found to be contaminated with all the problems of trash on the beaches around Costa Rica. I went with my friends to play soccer at the beach and at the same time we brought awareness to the trash that was there, we put it in the bag and threw it in the trash. This will lead to my own knowledge of picking up your trash and at the same time help out and pick up trash that is not yours, this after playing the sport that I love.    What were the ethical implications of your actions? Some ethical implications of my actions are always bringing teachings of responsibility and awareness every time I play soccer. This is because with my project I always try to teach people big or small things to engage people with the teaching that I receive in my journey in soccer. 

Created By: Jose Moreno, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Costa De Oro

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