Service Log

Ah yes, the final journal entry in the lovely Holy trinity of summer journal entries, the dreaded and feared SERVICE AND PROJECT ENTRY! (Chills spread across the room, the crowd goes silent, somewhere in the distance, sirens). Im kidding. This journal entry is actually a great opportunity for me to reflect and explain what I’ve done so far to ensure that I don’t get a 2.5 in CAS again. Yes, you heard me right, a 2.5. It was third trimester, and let’s just say I had a lot on my plate. We had a massive final business presentation due, TOK presentations, Spanish, Science, and Business final exams, and a whole lot more on top of that. So you could surely understand why ol’ Sammy conveniently forget about CAS until the second to last day of school, when I was informed that I would be receiving a 2.5. The grade was absolutely justified, which only made the feelings I had about it worse. And so I spent a great deal of time moping and complaining, wishing I could do something about it, until I read a book written by an SAS Survival instructor, who made it clear that dwelling on mistakes you cannot fix was quite simply and absolutely massive waste of time. And so, with that, I set out to do something about CAS and ensure that I would never see a two and a 5 in the same box on my report card ever again. How did I do this? Well the first order of business was to create an idea for MUN topic guide for my next conference, one that is much better researched and written than the last as I am no longer doing it at 2 AM in the morning. While I won’t write the official topic guide until much closer to the actual conference, I’ve gone extremely in-depth in my research with more academic sources (as seen in the accompanying pictures). I have also conducted research with a variety of other questions that pertain to important global issues and that I believe will help guide me in my MUN experience, to ensure that I do not repeat my mistakes from last year and that I perform to the best of my abilities. I have also managed to, along with MUN, get some actual service hours on my record. Last Tuesday I attended the March For Our Lives sit-in at the office of Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida republican whose stance on gun control can best be described as spineless. Although Rubio refused to come out and speak to us, we had an aide of his that recorded all of our questions and assured us that we will be hearing from the office. I highly doubt that, but what I can tell you is that it gave me some insight as to how international politics and local politics are similar, and showed me that activities such as student government and MUN are more important now than they’ve ever been before. I am looking forward to working on my MUN this year, running for student government, and in general preparing myself to succeed in this second year of IB. Let’s go get em!

P.S. – I also finished my entire first draft for my extended essay!

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