Over the break, I have been travelling around Europe, specifically France. I have seen how much pollution is being produced in the country. Tourism, industries, factories etc.. are all reasons why our environment has been deteriorating, for that reason when my family and I visited the “Ile De Brehat”, a vacation spot we go every year, we realized how much more trash is being put on to this island, caused by the mass amounts of tourists that visit it everyday. As a result to this issue, I decided to take initiative and walk around the island with some friends and pick up all the trash we saw on the way to the village. Not only did this raise awareness to other people on the island, but it encouraged people in the town to recycle, and not throw their trash in places other than the garbage. I decided to take this personal experience and relate it back to my CAS project, because in Costa Rica, many efforts are being made to save the environment, by becoming sustainable and promoting awareness, on recycling, preventing plastic etc.. At the Terraza Youth Center we’ve done this by raising awareness to local youths and members of the center to go around Tamarindo beach and clean up trash. Not only are we saving the environment by doing so, but we are allowing teenagers to save their future and encourage people who don’t understand the importance of saving our planet. Through this experience I have gained personal knowledge and universal knowledge through understanding why it’s so important for me to clean up the island and that even the smallest actions, can create bigger consequences. Meaning the little change that was made could be a potential success in the long term.


Created By: Jade, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Terraza Youth Center

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