Stake Holder Map

Mission: To create a sustainable all year around method of farming to help the community. Plan of communication I want to effectively communicate with all stakeholders mostly with the stakeholders that have a lot of power and a lot of interest because they have the largest hand in the project therefore I need an effective way to communicate with them because they have the largest stake in the project. I have decided the best way to communicate is weekly or by-weekly communication either through emails of what i’m going to change and or things that I'm planning on doing. For example, I will be writing my email to John Zepeda about my Biology IA where I have to communicate if he minds what i’m going to do and if I’m able to do my IA. I will also need to communicate with him in person to see if we should start selling the spinach because I will be taking cuttings weekly for my Bio IA.

Created By: Lionel Scheidt, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Hydro Nature

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