Summer activity journal entry #2

This summer I attended the same 4 day dance intensive, at Dance Dimensions, that I did last year. With a total of 16 hours of dance I participated in several types of dance classes, jazz, Contemporary, hip hop, ballet, and tap. By taking each class and attending the same intensive as last year I use the learning outcome of showing perseverance and commitment in the CAS experience. My CAS project revolves around dance and for me to take every opportunity to be able to dance will help me improve as a dancer therefore strengthening my ability to teach and choreograph for the Cepia kids and company dancers that will be competing next year. I will always take every opportunity to dance because I am passionate about it and that passion is what will keep me motivated and committed towards my CAS project. The next learning outcome that I used in the intensive was identify own strength and develop areas for growth. During the intensive I had to take classes the I was confident in and at an advanced level, like the contemporary or hip hop class, but I also had to take classes, like tap, where I had a lot to learn and improve on. By taking both classes that I excel in and classes that I need to work on it can help me understand myself better as a dancer and a person. I can identify the areas for growth and work on those while utilizing my strengths to make the project as amazing as possible. The last learning outcome that the summer intensive helped me with is to demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken and to develop new skills in the process. This relates to the previous one because by developing areas for growth I needed to understand that I was faced with challenges. For example the Tap class was challenging for me because the tap classes that we have had access to at our dance studio did not prepare us as much and so our level in tap was not as advanced. But After taking the class I feel that my ability to pick up tap choreography has improved and I have gained that skill in the process. Every time that I take a new dance class I a challenging myself to learn new skills and improve my dancing. 

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