Summer creativity journal entry #2

For creativity this summer I have continued to work on my own time with Ava to dance and create. The video that I used for this journal entry is a perfect example of the final product of me and Ava experimenting with dance to create something. The first learning outcome that I use in the process of creating my own choreography is planning and initiating. This involves considering factors such as when are we going to start choreographing because it's going to take us at least an hour if not more, then we have to choose a song that is more difficult than you think because the song choice will challenge you in different ways. For example with this video we chose an emotional contemporary song that required us to take one of strongest styles and experiment with our choreography, another time that we created was at the studio where we decided to choreographed to a jazzy song which is something that we have not done much before. It challenged us in a different way. The next learning outcome that I used in this process over the vacation was to demonstrate the challenges have been undertaken and new skills have been developed in the process. I already went into this a little with the song choices but there are always challenges in the choreography process. Steps that need to be changed or transitions to move to the next dance move. There are always ways that we as dancers and choreographers can develop new skills throughout the process. An example of a particular challenge that we had was on the day that the video posted was taken. We were planning on going to the dance studio and creating there but we had an issue finding the key and therefore we were not able to go. This did not stop us from creating, instead we did it in an extra iron in our house that we had used to dance in during the lockdown phase of the pandemic. Then we took the video outside in the rain as a replica of one of the first choreographies that we created together. The last learning outcome used in this process is demonstrating skills and working collaboratively. This is because Ava and I create together. We each contribute to the project by working off of each other and sharing ideas. Not every idea gets used in the dance. This is where we use our ability to edit in order to create the best choreography possible. Bonus learning outcome used was showing commitment and perseverance to the project. This is because like the activity and service journal entries it's related to dance and it will only improve our skills so that we can apply them to the project. Also one of the choreographies that we started I may be able to use for a solo so it also contributes to the project. 

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