The Big Question

  1. How do you debate?
  2. How do YOU prepare for the future?
  3. Why do you debate?
  4. How will you pursue peace?
  5. How will your voice be heard?
  6. What is your resolution?

Ooooh. Aaaaaahh. Yes indeed folks, these questions above are some thought provoking ones. And believe me, in a day and age where hurricanes can hit Alabama, it’s tough to make questions that are more thought provoking and interesting then news headlines. But I believe I’ve succeeded, and by now you’re probably wondering what has inspired me to write these questions. Or, if your Miss Amy Jacobs, you already know exactly why I’m writing the questions and you’re praying I just get to the point.. Well fret not! These questions are all part of my brand new MUN Wonderment Path, designed to inspire  and spark conversation about MUN and debate around the world. Of course, only one can be chosen, so let’s take a look at some of our contenders and discuss what exact conversation they could initiate. “How (Or why) do you debate?” and “What is your resolution?” are both fairly similar questions, and the important part is that they both relate directly to Model UN. The first question challenges people to reflect on the political they discussions they have with others to examine just how effective they are. Are you really listening to the other side, or trying to understand issues from a different perspective? This question is crucial as it demonstrates the need for mature, productive discussion prior to the actual solving of any major political issues. The second question is more personal and direct, and presents a double meaning as resolution can also have to do with someone’s personal resilience. “How do YOU prepare for the future?” This question is once again very impactful and direct, and I truly believe that it will get people to think about the future as they believe the question is singling them out. The last question before we get to my ultimate favorite (spoiler alert) is “How will your voice be heard?” Now, while this question would certainly get conversations going about the importance of being heard in a loud loud world, it feels a bit too Disney for me. Not that there’s anything wrong with Disney (although I still haven’t forgiven them for killing Bambi’s mom) the question merely feels to general. And so, with all that being said, we arrive at the lucky choice, “How will you pursue peace?” This question is my favorite as it feel it best embodies the MUN goals and experience without being too broad. Asking people how they plan on pursuing peace allows for people to come up with their own, creative solutions while using MUN as a tool to reach those solutions. It also perfectly embodies the MUN goal of pursuing peace and is different from other questions found on the wonderment website. I think this will help my project moving forward as I will be able to better teach newcomers about the basic purpose of MUN, and hopefully generate publicity for my project through viral marketing? All in all, this question will be a new spin on the old “How can you help?” and will provide a fascinating icebreaker and focal point for many CAS projects to come. Just think to yourself tonight, how will you pursue peace?

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