A Vehicle for the Other Side of the Wide Channel

Because of the vast distances and number of Mowanas on both sides of the wide channel of the Delta, a vehicle on the other side was needed to cover the wilderness safely and transport equipment to paste the Mowanas. Finding an affordable vehicle took much searching in Maun and Gaborone. Tebogo eventually found a suitable old model Toyota Land Cruiser undergoing conversion in Gaborone. He worked with the conversion shop manager to tailor the build to the Project's needs. Tebogo's dream for the Mowana Rehabilitation Program is that it becomes self sustaining through conservation tourism.  In anticipation of this possibility he asked for the vehicle's seats to be bolted in rather than welded so that he can remove them for equipment transport for the project and reinstall them when the vehicle eventually doubles as a game viewer for conservation tourism guests.   Future possibilities ask for foresight and innovation as the process unfolds.

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