Transportation CAS Night

Which scholarship families will be asked – coordinate with Alberto and the Anchor project team.
The sailing center needs to know the number of scholarship families.
Buses – where and when will they be running?
We need an email to all families about what the evening is…


  1. Meet with Tatiana (Everyone)
  2. Send parents an email to explain what CAS and Anchor Project are and why they should be involved and cared for. This can also be a meeting here in school. (Geyra with Amy’s and Tati’s help).
  3. Talk to Stephannie with Tatiana’s help to see if the buses can be used or some type of transportation. (Emily).
  4. With Tatiana’s help, use the WhatsApp group she has to know where they live and create a bus route. (It is essential to confirm their attendance). This way we can see if a big bus is necessary or not. (Everyone).


Mandar correo de invitacion a las familias becadas de:

  • Familias de 12vo

Jose arturita







  • Huevos con amor
  • Snack Shack

Estructura del correo:


Introducciòn: que es CAS/Anchor project dependiendo de la familia


Breve background info de el proyecto de su hij@:


Invitacion personal: que es el evento, porque inportante su asistencia


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