Updated mission statement

Updated mission statement: 

To help a refugee family achieve self-sufficiency by contributing to their immediate needs (food, clothing, school uniforms) while working to meet their long-term needs (securing a safe home and stable employment).  The purpose is to create a bond with this family to give them hope and let them know they are not alone, we give them support so they can propel their family forward. To help a family refugee become self-sufficient. Be able to provide for themselves. Be free of suffering.


Ayudar a una familia de refugiados a conseguir la autosuficiencia contribuyendo a sus necesidades inmediatas (comida, ropa, uniformes escolares) mientras se trabaja para satisfacer sus necesidades a largo plazo (conseguir un hogar seguro y un empleo estable).  El propósito es crear un vínculo con esta familia para darles esperanza y hacerles saber que no están solos, les damos apoyo para que puedan impulsar a su familia. Ayudar a una familia refugiada a ser autosuficiente. Ser capaz de mantenerse a sí misma. Ser libres del sufrimiento.


SMART goals: 

  1. During the next month Geyra and I want to make sure we can have success for the Wine tasting event. Which will allows us to provide more help for Daisy. If this event becomes successful we will host a larger event with more target audience. We will continue to recieve more donations form parents and students at our school, 
  2. Our long term/short term goal is to buy a land for Daisy. This will allow us to gain more personal experience for our future and will allow Daisy and her family to make their dream a reality. 


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