This website has 100 journal entries prompts that can help students structure their reflections.

I woke up today with a TED talk about the power of reflection in my inbox. This prompted me to  listen to the talk while I was drinking my coffee and checking social media. I realize that this was a distraction but I knew the importance but wanted to have some fun as well.

However, the message sunk in and I am going to work on the practice of reflection this trimester. I found a notebook and will commit to reflecting each day for at least 10 minutes. It could be about a specific event during the day or about my feelings overall. I am also trying to figure out the next chapter of my life, so hopefully, this will guide that process.

I am really working on the question of who I want to be in the upcoming weeks or months. This might bridge the gap of who I am not to who I want to be next year without children in my house and a find a new job.

Some of the answers are:

Supportive, empathetic, listener.

Creative, flexible, adaptable – for me and my students

Inquisitive, curious, playful – by myself and with others.

I will definitely be looking for opportunities to practice these elements and find ways to show that they are happening in the classroom and in life through these journal entries.

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