Video Planning

Write down all 5 ideas for questions for your path. 

How do you garden? 

How do you benefit your community 

How do you influence change in your community 

Are you ready to cultivate positive changes in your community?

How will you help combat this crisis?


Then explain why these help encourage others to think about your specific issue and start to have a conversation about it.


The base of my project is to combat the rising of the diabetes crisis, now that i have already built my structure as well as included fish as a part of the syre, it is time to begin phase 3 of my CAS project which consists of spreading nutritional awareness as well as innovative agricultural and sustainable gardening techniques that aren’t going to be a major time consumer . Going back to the questions they coordinate with that motivation that i want to plant in the community members of Matapalo.It’s important to acknowledge the severity of this crisis and because this is a health related issue I feel as if this is a good time to address the political aspect of this project. La paz community school stands for self, family, community, world and what is occurring in Costa Rica regarding the strikes and how this is affecting the evais and la caja de seguro social which is where a lot of people who suffer from dianetics seek help and medical attention provided by the state. What is happening is that the Costa Rican government doesn’t want to pay work professions to go on strike and the state is getting luxury pensions while teachers and medicals are getting low salaries and week as low pensions, these conflicts not only affect the workers, and freedom of speech bht the most relevant to my project are the patients who suffer from not getting their meds or missing an appointment with their doctor. 


What was the final choice of question and why?

Are you ready to cultivate positive changes in your community?


The choise of question is because it addresses the purpose of this video to begin cultivating leaders in the community in the sense of creating positive changes in eating habits. 


Explain what you are anticipating the conversation to look like from this question and how will it help you move your project forward?


I am anticipating conversations about the struggles diabetics have and getting to know how it affects peoples lives as well as their physical health as well. And what I can do to help with a combination of what they could be doing at home to innitiate change.


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