Way too late of an update!

Way too late of an update!

“Hey we just wanted to message you a personal thank you for your donation to help the people of the Ukraine. We wanted to share with you some of the individuals and organizations your donation helped. Andre - Andre lives in the east of Ukraine. The area most affected by the war. He is blessing those most in need by donating food, supplies, and his time to make sure their needs are taken care of. Mercy House - a homeless shelter helping disabled men and women avoid homelessness. Boarding them in an apartment with warm blankets and food. Their old location was bombed and now they occupy an old apartment. Struggling to make ends meet we helped them pay rent To Ukraine with Love - this organization helps refugees who fled Ukraine now living in Poland. Your donation provided hundreds of warm meals, medications, and other supplies for those in need here. Philippines - while not what was raised money for initially. A small portion of the money was spent helping cover education costs, buying food, and even cellphones for a few families (which helps bring them into the 21st century). Helping educate and provide tools to these families can open new doors to bring them to better economic situation. For the people of Ukraine and the Philippines. Thank you again for your selfless donation! Also a huge thank you from us! Chandler and Kent”

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