Week 2 Journal Entry

How are you feeling at the beginning of the project? Describe your feelings and how you are using strategies to manage them.

I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed. This project doesn’t currently have too much direction. I have no prior experience with anything like a Coffee House before, so I don’t have a place to start. I will manage this problem and my feelings of stress by completing my Gantt chart and doing research about similar projects.

Create SMART goals for your project. Explain how they are SMART and when we can review them to see if they have been met.

Within my CAS project and course, I will make a creative outlet for the community to use to express their interests. I will accomplish this by trying new ideas out and building off experiences undergone throughout the time the project is being developed.

What are your perceptions of the project at the moment? Does it solve a need in the community? If so, what? Are there people that are willing to help? If not, how can you find them? And what is the vision for the project at the end of the duration? How will it benefit the community?

I believe it solves the issue of the lack of social gatherings and individualism throughout Covid. The community and each person’s expression have suffered immensely as lock down’s have become more prominent. If the opportunity arises itself, with respect to Covid, I would love to open that stage back up to people that need it.

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