What are the core values that you have that inspired you to start your CAS project? How has your culture affected your project? Have your values ever been challenged by your project? You are the manager of your project. How have you kept yourself motivated throughout your experience?

One of the main core values that have inspired me and Samantha to start our project is responsibility. Being responsible is one of the best and most important values that a person can learn; when better to learn it than when you are young? While doing IB one has to be very responsible and it comes naturally after a little while. However, we are aware that this doesn’t come naturally for every teenager, but the ones that want to train their responsibility will do great with our project that boosts this one value and life skill. 

At my mom’s house I’ve always had a sibling. My sister has been around since I was seven and three years ago I had a new brother. It has always been a part of my life and family culture to take care of my siblings and I feel like this is an important thing to do. I’m aware that there are some only children at our school. I feel like it’s important that those who don’t have siblings are aware of how to treat a child. This does not mean that our babysitters are not aware of how to interact with children because at school we have “Little Buddies” where for thirty minutes we hang out with younger students so that could be of help too. But those who can handle kids are allowed with our CAS project to get a better understanding of what that’s like. It’s also important for the kids being babysat to have someone, if they don’t count with a sibling, to have someone to look up to and I think that that part of my everyday culture drives me to continue my project every week.

I don’t personally think that my values have really changed throughout this project but I feel like this has really busted my values and overall responsibility to create a trustworthy environment for all students.

Sometimes motivation tends to be a little bit hard for me personally, more when it comes to school. But I actually enjoy CAS and understand that this is a subject where we are allowed to express ourselves in a creative way that at the same time helps our community. My biggest motivation right now might be my grades from school. I feel like I have always had great, or decent grades. The real reason why I like doing work during CAS is because that means that I will have something to add to my journal entries, like this one, and that means that I won’t fall behind on my work. However, I like this project a lot; Samantha is a great help and we want to do this for the students and community of La Paz.

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